2021 Awards Eligibilty Post!

I’ve never done this before, so please excuse any stylistic errors. This year I published four short fiction pieces, all of them under the s/sf/h umbrella.

If you’re a benevolent selection panel for genre-based awards, or if you just want to see a round-up of my 2021 fiction, look below.

(I’m pretty sure I won’t get any trophies for moodboard-making, but the pictures below should give a sense of the atmosphere of each peice.)

“We Are Out of Time”

Genres: science fiction, apocalypse, climate fiction, ecofiction

Publisher: Necessary Fiction

Wordcount: ~3200


Genres: horror, oceanic horror, psychological horror, cosmic horror

Publisher: The Yard: Crime Blog

Will air on on Dead Airwaves Podcast in 2022

Wordcount: ~3700


Genres: science fiction, parallel worlds

Publisher: Chronosphere Podcast

Wordcount: ~1800

Winter in the Heartland

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is img_20211113_125251.jpg

Genres: horror/thriller, regional gothic, midwest gothic, murder mystery

Publisher: Local Honey | Midwest

Wordcount: ~1800

Thanks for going on these four journeys with me. In 2022, I hope to venture forth on a few more.

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