I think about the multiverse a lot. Grief has made those wonderings crueler, more desperate.

I wrote this story some indeterminable time after Madison died. The details, down to the name of the road (that I still hate driving, when I find myself in New York), were too sacred to alter. It’s my most bibliographic work, in that way, the place where the happening-truth and the story-truth are closest.

Miracle of miracles, Joseph O’Connor, author of The Star of the Sea and Shadowplay, director of my creative writing MA at University of Limerick, went over it for me (and found, to my chagrin, an accidental reference to “Hotel California” by the Eagles.

It was produced by Chronosphere Fiction Podcast. For the first time, I heard my words narrated and backgrounded with a soundscape – a truly wonderful experience.

Listen here, or wherever you usually find your podcasts.

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